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Re: Many Cygwin (mintty) windows - How to close all?

Dave Korn <> writes:

> Haojun Bao wrote:
>> The C# .net programming ...
>   Yeh.  Or you could just use the cygwin native tools from the procps package,
> which have the advantage of not having to install hundreds of megabytes of MS
> bloatware.

You don't need to install the Visual Stuio, the compiled binary is
also in the svn, so you only need the vs-redist, which probably is
already there.

>> The C# .net programming provides a `System.Diagnostics' package, which
>> you can use to enum every process and every PE32 executable (dll or exe)
>> loaded by each process, then you just grep "cygwin1.dll" and
>> TerminateProcess each of them. Put it in a python script...
>   How on earth is that not *hugely* more trouble and effort than just typing
> "kill -9 -1"?
>> Another thing, when running `', the python must be the
>> native win32 python, with pywin32 installed, not the one shipped with
>> cygwin. The reason should be apparent. Then there comes another problem,
>   First you have a problem.  Then you decided to use a non-cygwin version of
> something that is also a cygwin app to help you.  Now you have two problems!
> This entire design is pointlessly baroque.

Not so bad if I get the idea reused:-) See below.
>> the pywinstart.exe is a *general* .exe file, which will only invoke bash
>> with a `' and the command line arguments, in, it will
>> see pywinstart.exe is executing, so instead it will invoke a
>> **, which then *cygstart* the native python, with the .py
>> file path "~/bin/windows/" transformed to it's win32
>> path using `cygpath -alm'
>   Are you being deliberately masochistic?  Why not do it all blindfold as well
> just to make things even harder on yourself?  Installing the .NET runtime, and
> a whole new python distro, and a bunch of scripts, and all this just to
> duplicate the existing functionality that "pkill" and "pgrep" provide
> in a

I didn't know `pkill' and `pgrep' before, so I gave it a try right
now. To my suprise, it can grep and kill non-cygwin programs such as notepad.exe.
But only if it is started under cygwin, not if it's from the Run-Dialog.

> fraction of the size and hassle?  *shrugs* It's your life to waste, I
> guess.

>> Be fore-warned: it will change your keyboard's CapsLock into Control,
>> among other not very polite things:-)
>   So apart from being far more trouble, taking far more time and effort, and
> disk space, and cpu cycles, and being fragile, it ALSO has the additionl
> benefit of messing up your settings?
>   Cost-benefit trade-off.  You are doing it wrong.

Thanks for pointing this out to me. I'm really sweating and thinking
now. But then I must go on to explain why I have done those things. It
all because I need to make cygwin/non-cygwin programs work together. For
e.g., I use Visual Studio, and there's a visemacs addin which can send
files to emacs for editting. It works for the native Emacs, but later I
switched to cygwin-Emacs, and visemacs stopped working, because it will
send the file path in win32 format. So using the same idea (and the same
binary, only another hardlink), I have an emacsedit.exe and, in the latter `cygpath -au' will be used to invoke
emacsclient.exe with the posix pathname.

Also, I use firefox chm reader addon to read some e-book, I want to be
able to double click on a .chm file and it get opened with firefox, not
hh.exe. I need write a `' like this:

    firefox chm:file://"`cygpath -alw \"$1\"`"

But then, I can't associate .chm with this .sh file in registry, it must
be a .exe file, so another hardlink as ffchm.exe to my over-used

>     cheers,
>       DaveK
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