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Re: fc-cache: failed to write cache

On 10/10/2009 12:26 AM, Steven Woody wrote:
After did some explore on my system, I found a very strange thing:
the permissions on directory /etc/postinstall and all scripts
contained in it are no correctly.  Below is a piece of it:

That's not so important. These scripts are invoked directly by the shell and Cygwin knows they are shell scripts by looking at the #! line. So that's OK.

I compared to another normally run computer, the scripts in the
directory should all be rwxr-xr-x for the file owner.

then I tried to rename fontconfig.conf.done to fontconffig.conf and
change permission for it, but I *can not*, the 'chmod' command takes
no effect on the file.

I see. And we're supposed to know what this means by... what? Perhaps now would be a good time to review the problem reporting guidelines found here: <>

What's wrong with my installation?  I was using offline installation,
and should be no corruption.

I don't know why an "offline" installation would be more or less susceptible to "corruption".

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