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Re: Segfault under cygwin 1.7.62

2009/10/9 Vin Shelton:
>>  > #9  0x0056d4d7 in qxe_realpath (path=0x22248c "",
>>  >     resolved_path=0x22651c
>>  > "c:/cygwin/tmp/s360339.aoa/\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã02ABFx",
>>  >     links_only=0) at

>>  > #8  0x0056cd68 in readlink_or_correct_case (name=<value optimized out>,
>>  >     buf=0x21e464
>>  > "/tmp/s360339.aoa/\201Ã\217Â\217Â\201Ã\217Â\217Â\201Ã\217Â\217Â\201Ã\217Â\217Â02ABFx",

This one looks completely unrelated to the one above.

>>  > #3  0x005151bc in Lstream_really_write (lstr=0x176ea00,
>>  >     data=0x148d0c0
>>  > "c;C:\\cygwin\\cygwin\\tmp\\s360339.aoa\\Ã\202\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\203\22002ABFxi-string)g)ÃÃw\001\200ÃH\001Ã\200\t",

>> and it changes back to something similar but not identical to the
>> original.  Note the "Ã\202" that got inserted somehow.

>> The original
>> stuff at frame #9 is Mule internal coding, but this is not.
> are these changes in filename a result of changes in 1.7.62?

What change exactly? What's the original filename here, and how does
it change unexpectedly in terms of POSIX/Cygwin operations? And,
importantly, what's the locale setting?

In a UTF-8 locale at least, there doesn't appear to be a problem with
filename transparency here:

$ echo bla >$'\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã02ABFx'
$ ls --quoting-style=escape
$ cat $'\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã02ABFx'
$ rm $'\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã\201Ã02ABFx'


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