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Re: wise way to install cygwin packages

Christopher Faylor wrote:

It's on my todo list to get rid of the GUI pop-up from setup.exe when
-P is used.  I know that won't make it like rpm/yum/apt/dpkg/emerge.

Not to put too fine a point on it but ... if I ever want to uninstall a package (rarely) here's what I do:

1. Rename my current Cyginw (1.7) directory to something else

2. Use the commandline -P option to install that packages I
   actually want. Not too hard since I just have to modify a
   constantly changing list of those packages.

3. Copy my config and user files from the old install to the
   new install

Basically, install everything _but_ what I want to install.

While this approach may not be ideal, it works. Yes, it's
onerous to have to copy the config and user files over, but that
foces me to think long and hard about where I put config and
user files to make that job easier...and I don't have to use
the GUI :-)


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