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Re: gdb, insight, and tcltk

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 02:53:57PM -0400, Charles Wilson wrote:
>The existing cygwin gdb/insight 6.8-2 package has the following change:
>2007-11-30  Pedro Alves  <...>
>	* i386-tdep.c (struct i386_frame_cache): Rename saved_sp to
>	prev_frame_sp.  Add saved_sp_regnum field.
>	(i386_alloc_frame_cache): Update.
>	(i386_analyze_stack_align): Record which register holds %esp in
>	saved_sp_regnum.
>	(i386_analyze_register_saves): Move higher on the file.
>	(i386_analyze_frame_setup): Account for register saves before stack
>	adjustment.
>	(i386_frame_cache): If possible, prefer reading the register that holds
>	the previous stack pointer from the stack .
>	(i386_frame_prev_register): Update.
>	(i386_frame_args_address): New.
>	(i386_frame_base): Set i386_frame_args_address as args method.
>(patch vs. "regular" gdb-6.8 attached).  However, I *think* that given this:
>Discussion here:
>that Pedro's change is now unnecessary (it certainly needs a lot of TLC
>to apply to 7.0, in any case).  Also: gdb/insight built without this
>change seem to work ok.
>Any thoughts?

I'm sorry.  I haven't been giving this my full attention since I have a
working version of gdb and insight and thought you were asking insight

I'm wondering if it would just be best for me to continue in this vein.
It probably won't be worthwhile to be splitting responsibilities
because, frankly, I REALLY don't want to be debugging your end of things
along with my own.  This probably sounds mean but I don't mean it to be.
I just don't want to have to devote double the amount of brain power to
figuring out my own gdb issues along with yours and then coordinating
with you every time I find a problem.


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