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Re: gdb, insight, and tcltk

The existing cygwin gdb/insight 6.8-2 package has the following change:

2007-11-30  Pedro Alves  <...>

	* i386-tdep.c (struct i386_frame_cache): Rename saved_sp to
	prev_frame_sp.  Add saved_sp_regnum field.
	(i386_alloc_frame_cache): Update.
	(i386_analyze_stack_align): Record which register holds %esp in
	(i386_analyze_register_saves): Move higher on the file.
	(i386_analyze_frame_setup): Account for register saves before stack
	(i386_frame_cache): If possible, prefer reading the register that holds
	the previous stack pointer from the stack .
	(i386_frame_prev_register): Update.
	(i386_frame_args_address): New.
	(i386_frame_base): Set i386_frame_args_address as args method.

(patch vs. "regular" gdb-6.8 attached).  However, I *think* that given this:

Discussion here:

that Pedro's change is now unnecessary (it certainly needs a lot of TLC
to apply to 7.0, in any case).  Also: gdb/insight built without this
change seem to work ok.

Any thoughts?


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