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gdb, insight, and tcltk

Chris --

Since gdb-7.0 was just released, I figure you'll probably be doing a
cygwin package fairly soon. However, I know you long to drop insight --
at least to separate it out from gdb proper.

So, I've got a proposal for you:

I'll do an insight-only build (sans gdb.exe, gdb-tui.exe) which installs
into /opt/insight along with the necessary (old) tcltk libs and runtime
files. It will also install a simple wrapper program as
/usr/bin/insight.exe that calls /opt/insight/bin/insight.exe and passes
its arguments, similar to
   exec /opt/insight/bin//insight.exe "$@"
but it'll be a cygwin exe, so that it's callable directly from windows.

I'll do a win32 build of the (old) tcltk libs alone, which install into
the /usr tree, but do NOT include any development files. This will
serve as the 'upgrade' release for the tcltk package. It will include
alternatives support for the wish.exe and tclsh.exe progs. This,
combined with removing the development files, means that the new package
will (a) allow existing clients like gitk and friends to keep working,
but (b) won't interfere with any new (X-based) tcl, tk, itcl, itk, and
iwidgets packages.

To follow somewhat soon, but not immediately, I'll do X-based builds of
tcl, tk, itcl, itk, and iwidgets, with alternatives support for the
tclsh.exe and wish.exe progs. (These packages will include -devel
files). During the interregnum before these X-based packages are
available, maintainers of packages which are tcl/tk clients -- like gitk
-- may need to roll back to the (current) tcltk if they need to rebuild,
since the (new, proposed) tcltk backcompat package won't have the
development files.

(And by "do a build" I mean "permanently adopt") -- and, this is a
1.7-only proposal.

This way, you can release a console-only version of gdb-7.0 at any time,
without worrying about insight or any of these icky tcltk problems.

Sound like a plan?


and thread.

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