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Rsync hanging

    Hi. I just updated to 1.7 to see if it solved problems that I've
been struggling with for a while with rsync hanging randomly on
different files. I use rsync excessively, and on some systems it just
works and never hangs-- but on some it hangs all the time. I'm
transferring files via ssh; some say using rsync as a daemon helps, but
I'd rather use SSH so I don't have to worry about a wrapper for security

Here's the command I use that hangs rsync quite regularly:

/usr/bin/rsync -rtvz --progress

This is running on a Vista x64 machine, attempting a transfer from a W2K
SP4 machine. Transfers from this machine work fine from other clients(I
have an XP VM for instance that never hangs when issuing the same exact

Any thoughts? Most of the information online(list archives) about this
are back from 2005/2006.. Did people stop using rsync on cygwin due to
these problems, or is there a fix that I'm not aware of?



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