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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: cygwin-1.7.0-62

Thomas Wolff wrote:
> It should be possible (and should be done then) to pre-configure at
> least the Cygwin desktop link to use Lucida Console.

It does not appear that the extended panels in the cmd.exe shortcut
properties are available programmatically [*]  The best I found was some
utility code that uses undocumented win32 apis to change console
properties like Font at runtime:
(On Vista, you can use SetConsoleScreenBufferEx -- which is supposedly
"documented" but I couldn't find any).

However, our w32 import libraries don't include these functions, so it
might have to use GetProcAddress to access them.

In any case, even if you got these solutions to work, the best they
could offer is that we could write a utility program, and set things up
in cygwin.bat so that the utility is called.

[*] Maybe. It's possible that there is some generic "Properties"
accessor for the ShellLink object, and you could manually peruse the
them on an existing, generic cmd.exe shortcut, and you might discover
some nifty item that we could modify. But I don't plan on doing that
reverse-engineering effort.

> (And maybe an option to mkshorcut for this purpose would be useful,
> too.) Don't know whether it's possible to select the font from within
> cygwin.bat, though.

See above.

FYI: I discovered that the Consolas font is available for download on
or here:

Then, by following the steps here:

You can add it to the list of fonts that cmd.exe can use (Windows 7 and
Windows Server 2008 R2 already allow this by default). It shows up in
the Properties menu immediately, but it has no effect if you select it,
until you reboot.

It's quite similar to Lucida Console, but a little more appealing
character shape (yeah, I'm a font snob).  The zero has a slash through
it, which is nice, but unfortunately -- unlike Lucida Console -- the
lowercase l is more similar to the numeral one than it ought to be. It
looks like crap unless you have ClearType turned on, but pretty good if
you do. Overall, I think I like it better than Lucida Console -- except

[1.7]$ LANG=C.CP437 ascii

shows the line-draw characters if you're using Lucida Console in a
cmd.exe window, but doesn't if you're using Consolas. Similarly:

[1.7]$ LANG=C.CP437 /usr/lib/ncurses/test/ncurses.exe


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