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wise way to install cygwin packages


I did not think this is a problem since in the past when I need to
install cygwin, I always select all the packages in the installer
(click the tree icon, make it switch from 'default' to 'install').
But now I plan not to install some packages when I do a fresh
installation.  So, I again, firstly select all the pacakges (click the
tree icon, make it switch from 'default' to 'install'), and click
those packages that I don't want to install (click the check box right
to a package name).  However this is where I met problem,  say, I have
3 packages that I want to de-select, PA, and PB, the steps are as

1. deselect the PA by several clicks
2. click PB, then it switch to a state in which it has a package
version number right to the package line, but this click trigger a
behavior that indeed re-select the pacakge PA that I''ve already
deselect in step 1.
3. So, after I do some other clicks to really deselect the PB, I have
to go back to deselect PA again!

Here is only a simple example, but in practice I have to deselect more
than two packages among which there are dependences exist.  This make
the operation very very hard to perform.

Do you see my problem? And, what you do when you come to have the
similar requirement like me? Thanks.

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    -- Schopenhauer

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