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Re: gcc4-java: ecj1 not working

On 05/10/2009 23:11, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
Do you have an 'ecj.jar' in your CLASSPATH? AFAICS gcj will use that
instead of ecj1.exe if available.

Actually, not quite. ecj1 is just a wrapper which calls ecj.jar:

This option can be used to specify the location of an external jar file containing the Eclipse Java compiler. A specially modified version of this compiler is used by gcj to parse .java source files. If this option is given, the `libjava' build will create and install an ecj1 executable which uses this jar file at runtime.

If this option is not given, but an ecj.jar file is found in the topmost source tree at configure time, then the `libgcj' build will create and install ecj1, and will also install the discovered ecj.jar into a suitable place in the install tree.

If ecj1 is not installed, then the user will have to supply one on his path in order for gcj to properly parse .java source files. A suitable jar is available from

If so, I would recommend to omit the configure flag, append to your SRC_URI (cygport will just copy it into ${S}, and add the .jar's install location to gcc4_java_CONTENTS.


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