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Re: perl: included modules out-of-date

Yaakov (Cygwin/X) schrieb:

A number of Perl modules included in perl-5.10.0-5 are out of date, and current CPAN packages are looking for newer versions. (Module::Build and its EU::* friends in particular.)

Frankly, this is one reason that I disagreed with adding modules to the perl package itself, as it's clearly much more difficult to update them when it involves rebuilding all of perl. (There are other reasons, as well.) Besides, cygport makes it extremely easy to build and package CPAN modules.

One way or the other, could you please update these modules ASAP?

As extra packages? Naa.
I'm just testing the new 5.10.1-1 with the new compiler, and have some unexpected problems. The previous gcc-4.3 was fine for perl.
I could upload the previous 5.10.1 version, which was fine, but I don't know how this plays with the new gcc-4.

If anyone needs newer packages, cpan is your friend. That's why included all the vendor modules. To be able to update by yourself via cpan.
Reini Urban

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