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Re: Can't rm file, but no error message

Mark J. Reed <markjreed <at>> writes:

> Obligatory dumb question: you don't happen to have 'rm' aliased to 'rm
> -f', do you?


And, I should have added, that this happens only with this file in 
that directory. Other files "behave normally", so I think it has to
do with the file.

I meanwhile tried an unlink from a Perl program, and here I got the error
message (in $!) that the file "is probably in use by another process".

I have no idea why this file is in used by something (I haven't done
much beside creating it, and then checking the integrity of the archive
with unzip), but what worries me more is why rm does not communicate
the error to the calling process.

> What filesystem?

I think we can derive it from the CYGWIN environment variable, isn't it?
It is set to 'smbntsec'.

The system is a pretty standard Windows 2000 machine, so it should be the 
filesystem which Microsoft usually installs...


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