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cygrunsrv/autossh howto start even the destination address is not reachable yet?


I've running port forwarding in WindowsXP as well as Windows Vista by using 
autossh, running as a service, installed by cygrunsrv.

cygrunsrv -I service-tunnel -f "secure tunnel for service" \
	-n -t auto -y tcpip -O -u $priv_user -w $priv_pwd -p /bin/nice \
	-a "-n 10 /bin/autossh -R 12345:localhost:22 \
	-M 0 -N -C -i /etc/ssh/id_rsa -p 24

My problem is:
If the client have a dialin connection to an internet provider, the internet 
connection isn't established when the autossh service will be started.
Therefore I get an error message:
ssh: Could not resolve hostname no address associated with 

How to configure/install the service wether in a way that he waits for an 
established internet connection or in a way that he try again until the 
hostname can be resolved?

If autossh is started succesfull and I disconnect the internet connection, 
autossh will try again and again until the connection is established again.
But autossh do not start if the hostname can not be resolved.

Thanks for your hints
Don't Panic

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