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Re: setup-1.7.exe can't use I:\ for Local Package Directory

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 03, 2009 at 02:22:34PM -0400, Ken Jackson wrote:
> >I had great difficulties installing 1.7 on Windows XP home edition
> >running in VirtualBox as I described here:
> ><>
> I'm just going to go on record and say that I'm not going to spend
> any time investigating problems reported to some random other web
> site even if the web site has the name "cygwin" in it.
> cgf

Hi Christopher,

I just couldn't believe there wasn't a thriving active forum for
Cygwin users, when there is a such crying need.  I begged and pleaded
all over the place for *someone* to create a Cygwin forum
*somewhere*, and finally Norv stepped up to answer the need.  

This email list is very good, but it has so much traffic that I can
only stand to be on it for a few days before I jump off it again.
But I need to use cygwin for my sanity at work, so I naturally have
the occasional problem for which I want a solution.  And I enjoy
sharing an occasional solution.

Forums are *much* better than email lists.  You can come and go
easily.  The archives and the active messages are right
there in one place.  Email addresses aren't as easily harvested by
evil.  You can add FAQs and tutorials that are more readily
associated with the posts than on a site separate from a list.  The
format is common and pleasing.  etc.

I really hope will be helpful to others.  But in this
case, I was merely referencing what I already wrote.

BTW, I really appreciate the tireless effort that you and your
colleagues pour into Cygwin.  Life would be Windows yech without it.

-Ken Jackson

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