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Re: 'gm convert' in 1.5 and 1.7

Angelo Graziosi wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Angelo Graziosi wrote:
>>> I have attached a simple test case 
>>   Simple maybe, but a bit much to spam the whole list with!
> I am afraid if it spams, but I haven't understood what you mean: I have
> attached a simple test, as often required by the list.

  It was rather a large testcase; simple implies "a few lines or a page" in
text terms, or similarly small binary files.  Half a megabyte times thousands
of list users only one or two of whom may actually want it == lots of waste.

>>   If I were you, I'd take a look at whether for some reason the 1.7
>> version
>> doesn't know how to do pdf stream compression, maybe because it was
>> compiled
>> on a build machine that didn't have all the optional libs installed. 
>> It would
>> be obvious from browsing the generated PDFs in a hexeditor I would think.
> Also this is not very clear...

  Ah, well: PDF format allows large blobs of embedded data to be compressed by
a gzip-like ('flate) or lzw-type compression algorithm.  If the 1.5 gm knows
how to use this compression when generating pdf files and the 1.7 doesn't,
that would account for the size difference, and if that does turn out to be
the case, it's probably down to an autoconf test disabling the feature based
on the libs installed on the maintainer's build machine.


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