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Re: cygwin bash and DOS cmd extremely sluggish.

Frank Kim wrote:

> I then noticed that the DOS cmd window is also very sluggish.

> I am running on a ThinkPad T60p w/ Symantec Anti-Virus, Sonic DLA,
> Google Desktop, etc.

  Two BLODA-related WAGs here:

- If you have sonic DLA installed, it's vital that you do *not* disable the
component that runs automatically at startup.  (It's easy to think it's
another useless autorun and disable it if you're trying to optimise your
computer's boot-up times, but what actually happens in that case is that other
components of DLA keep running and lots of stuff goes wrong when they can't
talk to the startup component.)  It ought to be OK if it's either completely
uninstalled or completely fully-enabled; it only causes problems when people
have manually tweaked their startup autoruns.

- Maybe google desktop is busy indexing all your docs in the background and is
slugging everything somehow.  You might want to try disabling or temporarily
uninstalling it to see if that helps.


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