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Re: reinstallation problems

On 10/02/2009 10:14 AM, Frank Kim wrote:
Because of problems mentioned previously I uninstalled cygwin
following all the instructions at

However when I installed again and started up the bash shell I did not
get my usual prompt, i.e. the typical Cygwin prompt.  Instead I got
this prompt:


Also I was started in /usr/bin.

No /home directory was created. No skeleton files were created.

I thought Cygwin automatically does this the first time you start up.
How come it didn't do it?  What steps do I manually have to do?

(Fingers to temples, eyes closed) Quite please! I need absolute silence while I read your mind and determine your configuration.

'/etc/passwd' is wrong, for one thing. Check 'setup.log.full' in '/var/log' or
the directory you ran 'setup.exe' from (your mind is cloudy - I can't see
this clearly). Your post-install scripts didn't run successfully. You can try to
re-run them by hand but they will likely complain again until you determine
the source of the problem, unless it was just a question of timing.

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