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Re: Assistance sought grepping log files


  strings -el logfile | grep ...


On Thu, 1 Oct 2009 10:00:41 -0700 (PDT)
"Larry W. Virden" <> wrote:

> I regularly am forced to deal with a variety of logfiles on
> Windows, and so in hopes of being able to do so with some grace, I
> took a crack at accessing the files via Cygwin.
> For example, I've copied some of the "12 hive" tracing logs from
> IIS (or maybe it is SharePoint... I'm still struggling to figure
> all this out) into a directory to which I have access.
> Now I'd like to crunch those logs to see the errors, etc.
> awk and grep, however, do not seem to find anything in the files.
> Does anyone have pointers to some Cygwin based tools that I could
> use to search, extract, summarize, etc. information from MS files?
> I presume that once again Microsoft is using a "standard" format in
> a strange manner.
> The weird thing is that when I use the "more" command, the file
> looks just fine.
> Is anyone aware of any nifty Cygwin tools designed to help an admin
> analyse log files?
> Thank you all very much.

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