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Re: latest libstdc++ causing ffmpeg & mplayer to segfault

Nathan Thern wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
>> Nathan Thern wrote:
>>> Yaakov-
>>> I thought I would bring this to your attention ...
>>  Compiler problems are always worth reporting on the main list too!
>>> I just discovered that ffmpeg and mplayer are segfaulting on me. They
>>> had been working fine (thanks for providing them, by the way :-) ). I
>>> tracked down that the latest libstdc++ (libstdc++6-4.3.4-1 from the
>>> std distro) was causing it. Installing the previous version
>>> (libstdc++6-4.3.2-2) fixed things.
> Hm... thanks for pointing that out. I figured it wasn't a compiler
> problem and that re-compiling the apps would fix things & we would be
> on our merry way. However, it may be that libstdc++6-4.3.4 is broken.

  The libstdc++ DLL itself is fine, but there is a back-compat bug in the
support code that implements the ONDEE wrappers in the Cygwin DLL.  I believe
I can fix that with a patch; in the meantime, it should suffice to rebuild
mplayer against up-to-date Cygwin.  The DLLs it links against are not affected
by this problem, so only the actual mplayer package needs a rebuild.

  (I can't say whether or not that also applies to ffmpeg; it might need some
of its DLLs updated as well, or you can hang on until I've got the back-compat
fix in the cygwin dll.)


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