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Assistance sought grepping log files

I regularly am forced to deal with a variety of logfiles on Windows, and so in hopes of being able to do so with some grace, I took a crack at accessing the files via Cygwin.

For example, I've copied some of the "12 hive" tracing logs from IIS (or maybe it is SharePoint... I'm still struggling to figure all this out) into a directory to which I have access.

Now I'd like to crunch those logs to see the errors, etc.

awk and grep, however, do not seem to find anything in the files.

Does anyone have pointers to some Cygwin based tools that I could use to search, extract, summarize, etc. information from MS files? I presume that once again Microsoft is using a "standard" format in a strange manner.

The weird thing is that when I use the "more" command, the file looks just fine.

Is anyone aware of any nifty Cygwin tools designed to help an admin analyse log files?

Thank you all very much.

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