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Re: [1.7] "C:\cygwin\bin\git.exe: *** fatal error - could not load shell32, Win32 error 487"

On 10/01/2009 08:37 AM, Jon TURNEY wrote:

I have a problem with git, which only seems to occur with the mesa repository (which is very large, which may be something to do with the problem). I am able to work with all the other X.Org repositories without problems.

Here's a short script which demonstrates the problem for me:

git clone git://
# repository is large, this may take some time
cd mesa
git checkout -f -b local 811aa02c7a0f4804189a8978395f07d27fb726ec
touch blah
git add blah
git commit -m "blah"
git checkout -f master

fails with
2 [main] git 3624 C:\cygwin\bin\git.exe: *** fatal error - could not
load shell32, Win32 error 487

# to repeat the failure
rm .git/index.lock
git checkout -f master

I had a brief look at the relevant part of the cygwin source but I'm
baffled as to how this could be happening. Suggestions on how to debug
this and/or confirmations that it can reproduced appreciated.

The two most common causes of this are:

  1. <>
  2. DLL load collisions.

(1) can be cured by removing the BLODA.  (2) is typically cured with rebaseall.
Been there, done that?

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