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Re: [1.7] "C:\cygwin\bin\git.exe: *** fatal error - could not load shell32, Win32 error 487"

I've seen this problem in cygwin 1.5 and it appeared to be related to the way that symlinks were implemented. It became such a problem that I had to remove all my use of symlinks in my git repository at that time. I switched to cygwin 1.7 and its symlinks seem to be much better behaved.

Since you're seeing the problem in 1.7, I'll speculate based on my best guess as to what this error message means. In the 1.5 code, I saw this happen during cygwin's calls to NtCreateFile() when symlinks were being accessed. I suspect that NtCreateFile() is simply making some DLL call to another library to do the work and that DLL somehow can't be mapped into cygwin's address space. I tried remapping all the cygwin DLL addresses (I can't remember the command at the moment) but it didn't fix anything. Maybe someone on the list can shed more light on whether my theory is correct and whether there's anything that can be done to fix it.

On 2009-10-01 08:37:56 -0400, Jon TURNEY <> said:

I have a problem with git, which only seems to occur with the mesa repository
(which is very large, which may be something to do with the problem).  I am
able to work with all the other X.Org repositories without problems.

Here's a short script which demonstrates the problem for me:

git clone git://
# repository is large, this may take some time
cd mesa
git checkout -f -b local 811aa02c7a0f4804189a8978395f07d27fb726ec
touch blah
git add blah
git commit -m "blah"
git checkout -f master

fails with
2 [main] git 3624 C:\cygwin\bin\git.exe: *** fatal error - could not load shell32, Win32 error 487

# to repeat the failure
rm .git/index.lock
git checkout -f master

I had a brief look at the relevant part of the cygwin source but I'm baffled as to how this could be happening. Suggestions on how to debug this and/or confirmations that it can reproduced appreciated.

I've tried this with 1.7.0-61 and with the 2009-09-20 snapshot
(I can't start anything with the 2009-09-24 snapshot, all processes exit with
"The application failed to initialize properl (0xc0000022)")

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