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Re: coredump when compiling gettext from source

Vincent R. wrote:
> I have installed a fresh install of cygwin 1.7 and I wanted to compile
> gettext-0.17 from source so I entered:
> ./configure
> make

Well, I'd appreciate it if you'd use the cygwin patched source instead
of the unpatched upstream version.  Please download
gettext-0.17-11-src.tar.bz2 from the cygwin mirror system (you can use
setup.exe to install the source package if you like).

Then, use "cygport gettext-0.17-11.cygport almostall' to build and
"package" gettext for cygwin.

If you have the same error, then I'll try to reproduce (but I'm a bit
busy for the next few weeks)

> collect2: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault], core dumped

Well, ld shouldn't coredump, that's for sure. I'd suspect a problem in
ld rather than gettext, tho.  To debug it, you'd need to build a
debuggable version of ld, and set up just-in-time debugging (e.g. add to
your CYGWIN variable the following:



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