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Re: latest libstdc++ causing ffmpeg & mplayer to segfault

Nathan Thern wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 12:23 PM, Dave Korn
> <> wrote:
>> Nathan Thern wrote:
>>> Yaakov-
>>> I thought I would bring this to your attention ...
>>  Compiler problems are always worth reporting on the main list too!
>>> I just discovered that ffmpeg and mplayer are segfaulting on me. They
>>> had been working fine (thanks for providing them, by the way :-) ). I
>>> tracked down that the latest libstdc++ (libstdc++6-4.3.4-1 from the
>>> std distro) was causing it. Installing the previous version
>>> (libstdc++6-4.3.2-2) fixed things.
> Hm... thanks for pointing that out. I figured it wasn't a compiler
> problem and that re-compiling the apps would fix things & we would be
> on our merry way. However, it may be that libstdc++6-4.3.4 is broken.

  It's some kind of problem in the compatibility hacks we have in the cygwin
dll to do with user dlls built against the cygwin startup library code
versions that included the undesirable change-the-cxx_malloc-struct-pointer
behaviour.  I'll have more later.


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