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Re: Error in [1.7] involving /netrel/src/cygwin-1.7.0-61/winsup/cygwin/

It ties in with what the assert is complaining about.

Are you launching this from a bash shell or from some win32 context like
cmd.exe?  And is the exe itself a cygwin or win32 exe?  And is it doing
anything tricky like trying to dynamically load the cygwin dll?  Is the cygwin
dll that it is running against installed in the standard location or somewhere
else?  It does sound likes something's up with the stage where it tries to
locate the root directory by assuming the cygwin dll lives in a "bin/"
subdirectory and ascending one level...

OK, Poirot. The executable is built in Cygwin using the command "gcc -static .." and I run it outside Cygwin from a Command Prompt window. The -static switch actually works, in that it reduces the executable's dependencies from cygwin1.dll + several others, to cygwin1.dll alone. The executable is then co-located with cygwin1.dll and together the duo provide me with a portable application. (Actually a fast and elaborate stats package, amazingly compact with exe + cygwin1.dll ~ 3 MB, and fully operable on host machines a million miles from the nearest Cygwin installation.)
Typically they reside at the root of a USB stick, but I noticed the reported failure on moving from [1.5] to [1.7]. If I move both files down one or more levels (and it doesn't matter what I name the subdirectory(ies) whether as \bin\ or \anything\else\) then everything works just fine.
I'm sure you're right, that it's something to do with where cygwin1.dll [1.7] expects to find itself (cf. [1.5]) and the "cure" is similarly very suggestive of this. I'm dead happy to live with it once I understand it, if only approximately.
Thank you very much indeed for your helpful insight, greatly appreciated.

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