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cppunit in 1.7

I'd like to admit up front that I know next to nothing about cppunit, so
it's very possible this is pilot error.

With that said, I can't seem to get cppunit working under 1.7. I checked the
archives and it looks like something similar happened in the past, with
older cygwin's. Back then it turned out cppunit simply needed to be rebuilt.
Currently I get a segfault exactly like the old reports. I even went and got
the hello.cpp to test with in the event my current test file was broken, but
I get the same segfault.

I downloaded the source and rebuilt but I get the segfault with my locally
built copy. To build I used a straight cygport and everything looked OK. I
did a make check and that looked OK. 

I also tried in 1.5 and cppunit over there works swimmingly.

Could someone check if cppunit works elsewhere and if not I'll try to run
this to ground here or send the usual info as attachments so someone smarter
than me can see something.


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