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Re: Installing previous versions of binutils

Ian C wrote:

> Sorry if this is a silly question (new to this), I know how to uninstall
> the binutils 20080624-2 that comes with Cygwin 1.5.25-15. ...but can I use
> the setup routine to install previous versions of binutils (such as version
> 20060817-1), which should be compatible with the WxPython application. If I
> uninstall the latest binutils, how do I get the Cygwin setup program to
> recognize the 2006 version of binutils.

  On the setup.exe package chooser page, where you click on binutils to set
the selection to "Uninstall", you can keep clicking and it will cycle through
all available versions.  Note that the definition of "available" is mode
sensitive - if you're in "install from internet" or "download from internet"
mode it'll show you any available versions on the mirror you're using, but if
you're using "install from local directory" mode it'll only show you any
versions that you've already downloaded, which might be why you didn't already
notice this mechanism while you were uninstalling.

  However it seems the only versions left on the mirrors are 20080624 and
20080523, the 2006 versions have long since gone.  If you really need the old
versions, you can get them from the "Cygwin time-machine":

  But probably the best solution would be to download a recent snapshot
tarball of binutils and build and install it yourself, since it's had a
boatload of fixes put in earlier this year.  Binutils is fortunately always
really simple to build, it's one of the packages where you really can just
"./configure ; make ; make install" and it will reliably "just work".


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