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Re: Wish/tcltk & DISPLAY is not set

On 09/29/2009 09:02 AM, FyD wrote:

When I execute "wish" under cygwin (wish test.tcl), I get the following
error message:

/usr/bin/xterm: DISPLAY is not set

I think this problem has been reported in 2006 @

I checked my tcltk version in my cygwin install:
it is tcltk/tcltk-20080420-1

Does it mean that this problem reported in 2006 was not corrected in
the 2008 version ? or do I miss something ?

Do you have the X server running?

Yes, I obviously started the X server of Cygwin (- using

So you either:

A. Didn't set DISPLAY appropriately in the shell you're starting 'wish' from.
B. Didn't start 'wish' from the 'xterm' that gets started with ''.

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