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Re: SOLVED Subversion svn fails silently after updating Cygwin

Charles Wilson wrote:
Chris Cormie wrote:

In 1.5 setup.ini
@ subversion
requires: cygwin libapr1 libaprutil1 libdb4.2 libexpat1 libintl8
libneon27 libsasl2 libserf0_0 libsqlite3_0 zlib

In 1.7 setup.ini
@ subversion
requires: libapr1 libaprutil1 libdb4.2 libexpat1 libgcc1 libintl8
libneon27 libsasl2 libserf0_0 libsqlite3_0 zlib0 cygwin

This really should make no difference. The zlib package itself requires zlib0, so even on cygwin-1.5 you should have been okay.

Good point well argued -- the depends list isn't the problem. I would have caught the problem earlier if I'd been thorough and built a full dependency list for subversion and reinstalled each one, not just the first level dependencies.

Of course now I know about strace/cygcheck I'm much better armed to diagnose this sort of problem in the future :)

I suspect the real problem is that zlib0 was misinstalled on your
cygwin-1.5 system originally, and once you reinstalled THAT, your svn
was fixed.

Yep, that's the bunny, no question.

(Still an open question if everyone who hits this problem has the same cause, and whether the setup.exe package update run somehow misinstalled cygz.dll (or even removed it.) Alternately, it was merely something I did.)


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