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Re: cygwin 1.7 has moved to utf8?

Sven Köhler wrote:
> is it just me, or does cygwin 1.7 return a utf8 encoded strings for
> filenames and the like?
> I wonder, because rxvt and xterm show two strange characters for each
> german umlaut when I use "ls -la" or the like.
> Well, I don't think that rxvt will ever work, because it doesn't support
> unicode. And there doesn't seems to be a non-X11 version of rxvt-unicode.

rxvt won't work well in the future with cygwin-1.5, unless you
explicitly set the encoding/charset to something like '$lang.ASCII' or
'$lang.iso-8859-1', I think. This is unavoidable, given that rxvt is
unmaintained upstream, and doesn't support the necessary constructs to
work well in modern i18n systems.

For X, use rxvt-unicode instead. For non-X, use mintty.  cygwin's plain
rxvt will continue to be maintained, but I expect its usefulness will be
limited on cygwin-1.7, especially for those who use $lang other than
'en_US' (even 'en_GB' will have difficulty on rxvt with the Euro and
Pound symbols).

> But I would expect, that xterm works. But it doesn't.
> The default-encoding, that cygwin returns, seems not to be utf8.
> I have didn't experiment with setting the LANG variable yet.

Things are still in flux, in cygwin-1.5.  See the current thread 'The C
Locale' on this list (go check the archive).  Also, there have been A
LOT of discussions about this over the past week on the
cygwin-developers list.

> I'm curious what going on and how the upcoming cygwin 1.7 will be like.
> Is there some information about it on the net?

Look at the cygwin-announce list, read the posts concerning the various
cygwin-1.7 beta releases, and follow the embedded links.

And next time, look in the mailing list archives and the cygwin webpage
-- before asking questions that are prominently answered or discussed
already in these obvious places.

*However*, I admit that the most recent cygwin-1.7 test release
announcements (-52 ... -61) have not included the 'what's changed' link.


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