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Re: Cygwin portable bash

On 09/29/2009 12:51 AM, Andy Holt wrote:
ok, all apologies. I am familiar with mount, but if there is something
extra special about how it works w/in cygwin I will check the Users
Guide. I appreciate the direction, sorry I misunderstood (thought he was
just telling me to 'man mount' and I felt that would be a waste of time
since I am already familiar with the general of mount and the different
basic linux mount points like bin and / and swap etc).

The semantics of Cygwin's mount are different than that of traditional Unix/Linux.
Principally, Cygwin's mount is responsible for mapping DOS paths into POSIX
paths. It does not mount file-systems at the driver level like Unix/Linux.

However, I also did not realize I was using an outdated version of
cygwin!! Perhaps I should work off of 1.7 instead of 1.5? This sounds
like it would probably make things a bit easier. is 1.7 stable enough?

1.7 is officially Beta ( but is very close to release.
Which you choose to use is up to you.

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