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Re: Four license questions that affect commercial use of Cygwin

Stephen Bennett wrote:
Um, and assuming that we found a list of packages that had no licenses,
and a list of packages with licenses that we can't accept, is there any
way to supply setup with a pre-defined list of packages to include or
exclude?  Or would everyone installing Cygwin at our company have to
read through a list of disallowed-by-our-company packages and deselect
each one (after first clicking on All)?

If you're in search of a centralised approach, it's a fairly easy exercise to run your own internal mirror, containing only those packages that you've verified as acceptable. We do just that here for different reasons -- we need to patch certain packages for various reasons.

Once that has been set up, then everyone can simply install from there and
be sure that they're not getting any packages with legal problems. You'd
still need someone to do that checking in the first place, though.

Good suggestion, that'd work. Thanks!


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