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Re: Four license questions that affect commercial use of Cygwin

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Sep 29 20:32, Luke Kendall wrote:
Corinna Vinschen wrote:
So, sure, Red Hat *could* do that, but that would mean to take over
responsibility for something which is in the responsibility of the user
in the first place.  Eventually only a lawyer can make sure you comply,
but, apart from the responsibility, the job of a lawyer isn't exactly
for free.  So this is a job to redirect to *your* legal department.
I don't think my four questions asked for legal advice,

In a way, yes. Licensing is dangerous territory. If we claim there's no exception from A and somebody find that exception, it's a sure way to be sued. I, for one, can do without that.

As an engineer, [...]

As a lawyer, [...]


I'm with you on the engineering side, since I hate to reinvent the
wheel same as you do.  However, this isn't technical, this is legal
and as such I stay away as much as possible.

Fair enough!

As for licenses with commercial exceptions, personally (IANAL, and I'm
not speaking for Red Hat, nor for the Cygwin community at large, nor did
I actually search for it) I think there is none in the distro, except
for the Cygwin license itself.
I can't see anything in that says Cygwin can't be used for commercial purposes (thank goodness!). Maybe you meant something else.

And that only applies to exceptions from the GPL.

You ignored the above sentence, which was the important one.

I confess I didn't ignore it, I just couldn't understand it.

Trying again now, I think you meant that there were no exceptions that applied only in commercial situations, except some exceptions relating to the GPL (looking at the license, I think it's related to redistribution of code that depends on GPL stuff).

I don't think you mean it is saying "you are not allowed to use Cygwin within a company, Cygwin is only for personal or scientific non-commercial research", and I'm happy that I can't see that. :-)



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