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Cygwin 1.7 & mintty error - cannot run mintty more than once at a time

I've been using Cygwin 1.7 alongside Cygwin 1.5 quite happily for the
last few hours, however all-of-a-sudden when I try and run mintty
(from cygstart or from a cmd.exe shell) I get a new window with this
error message:

Failed to create child process: No such file or directory

Hitting "enter" makes the window close.

I messed around with this for a while until I discovered something
very obvious - I already had a mintty running.

It appears that in Cygwin 1.7 I cannot run more than one instance of
mintty at a time.

In 1.5, I have happily run many, many instances simultaneously.

However I can run bash.exe without a problem, and in doing so I tried an strace:
  115  166255 [main] mintty 4336 tty_list::allocate: tty1 allocated
   91  166346 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable:
CreateNamedPipe: name \\.\pipe\cygwin-tty1-from-master, size 131072
  144  166490 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable:
pipe read handle 0x6C4
   82  166572 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable:
CreateFile: name \\.\pipe\cygwin-tty1-from-master
  103  166675 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable:
pipe write handle 0x6CC
   85  166760 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable:
CreateNamedPipe: name \\.\pipe\cygwin-tty1-to-master, size 131072
  242  167002 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pipe::create_selectable: pipe busy
   77  167079 [main] mintty 4336 seterrno_from_win_error:
/netrel/src/cygwin-1.7.0-61/winsup/cygwin/ windows
error 231
   79  167158 [main] mintty 4336 geterrno_from_win_error: windows
error 231 == errno 16
   73  167231 [main] mintty 4336 __set_errno: void
seterrno_from_win_error(const char*, int, DWORD):319 val 16
   84  167315 [main] mintty 4336 fhandler_pty_master::setup:
tty1629019509 open failed - failed to create (null)
   89  167404 [main] mintty 4336 open: -1 = open (/dev/ptmx, 0x8002)
   83  167487 [main] mintty 4336 __set_errno: int openpty(int*, int*,
char*, termios*, winsize*):128 val 2

Looks like there's a "busy pipe" that is causing mintty to abort?

Is this a bug with mintty?

-- David.

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