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Re: The C locale

2009/9/29 wynfield:
> Though I'm not an up on the details involved here, I will give
> you feedback to the request for information about the locale issue, because it affects the quick accessability and usage of Japanese language documents.
> Either of the two follow values would be acceptable, but I feel that the UTF-8 charset is becoming more and more adopted.
> Â Â Â ÂLANG=ja -> UTF-8
> Â Â LANG=ja_JP -> UTF-8
> Also the following be suitable if possible..
> Â Â Â ÂLANG=ja -> iso-2022-jp
> Â Â LANG=ja_JP -> iso-2022-jp

Thanks for the feedback!

Now, Windows knows three different variants of iso-2022-jp. Do you
know which one's the preferred one?

CP50220: ISO 2022 Japanese with no halfwidth Katakana; Japanese (JIS)
CP50221: ISO 2022 Japanese with halfwidth Katakana; Japanese
(JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
CP50222: ISO 2022 Japanese JIS X 0201-1989; Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte
Kana - SO/SI)

Also, Wikipedia has this to say:

"Since ISO 2022 is a stateful encoding, a program can not jump in the
middle of a block of text to search, insert or delete characters. This
makes manipulation of the text very cumbersome and slow when compared
to non-stateful encodings. Any jump in the middle of the text may
require a back up to the previous escape sequence before the bytes
following the escape sequence can be interpreted."

Doesn't that make it very difficult to use with standard Unix tools?


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