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Apache2 on Cygwin 1.7 does not start (cygserver is running)

Today I was able to get Apache2 running on Cygwin *1.5* using these

The "CYGWIN=server" variable was critical.

I now have Cygwin 1.7 installed side-by-side with 1.5, and as far as I
can tell, the two do not interfere.

However, I am unable to launch apache2 in Cygwin 1.7. Initially I
followed the same directions, and got this:

$ echo $CYGWIN

$ export CYGWIN=server
$ cygserver-config
$ net start cygserver
The CYGWIN cygserver service is starting.
The CYGWIN cygserver service was started successfully.
$ /usr/sbin/apachectl2 start
/usr/sbin/apachectl2: line 78:  1372 Bad system call         $HTTPD -k $ARGV

Hmmm. I checked the 1.7 change log and it says that the
"CYGWIN=server" setting is now obsolete. However leaving this out
doesn't help either.

Note that I made sure I shut down cygserver from 1.5 before I tried it
with 1.7, and I also have apache2 configured to listen on different
ports, just in case they were both running at the same time (which I
didn't allow anyway).

So there must be something different with 1.7 that isn't covered by
those instructions - does anyone know what this might be, please?

-- David.

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