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Dynamic disk volume question

I'm running cygwin 1.7.  I have two disks, both defined as dynamic disks
under Windows.  The first disk has two partitions, a regular 20GB partition
and a second partition that is part of a "spanned volume" as part of the
dynamic disk capability.  The second disk has just one partition that is
part of the "spanned volume".  The utility diskpart shows the "spanned
volume" under the "list volume" command.  I can assign a drive letter but
then I can't write to the raw device via dd once the drive letter is
assigned.  dd can only write if there is no disk letter assigned.  Under
/proc/partitions the underlying partitions are shown correctly.  That is,
there is a /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, and /dev/sdb1. 

Is there a way to directly access the spanned volume either using the
GLOBALROOT method or other means?  If I can use GLOBALROOT, how do I know
which volume maps to each partition under GLOBALROOT?  I'm trying to restore
a dd capture of the dynamic disk spanned volume which was captured using a
shadow copy of the original.

I found some old references to this issue back in 2004 in the mail archives
( but couldn't find
out the special device name assigned to dynamic disk spanned volumes.
Thanks in advance. 


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