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XWin not working on vista?


I've been trying to get XWin to work on Vista without much success. As
administrator I can start XWin (using from a bash shell),
but trying the same as a user, even a user with admin privileges (in
the Administrator's group), XWin still does not start. When trying as
a user I get the error:

user@host ~

user@host ~
$ xterm Xt error: Can't open display:
cat /var/log/XWin.0.log
Welcome to the XWin X Server
Vendor: The Cygwin/X Project
Release: (20090222)
XWin was started with the following command line:

XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error

ddxProcessArgument - Initializing default screens
winInitializeDefaultScreens - w 1280 h 1024
winInitializeDefaultScreens - Returning
(II) XF86Config is not supported
(II) See for more information
winPrefsLoadPreferences: /etc/X11/system.XWinrc
LoadPreferences: Done parsing the configuration file...
winAdjustVideoModeShadowGDI - Using Windows display depth of 32 bits per pixel
winAllocateFBShadowGDI - Creating DIB with width: 1280 height: 1024 depth: 32
winInitVisualsShadowGDI - Masks 00ff0000 0000ff00 000000ff BPRGB 8 d 24 bpp 32
null screen fn ReparentWindow
null screen fn RestackWindow
InitQueue - Calling pthread_mutex_init
InitQueue - pthread_mutex_init returned
InitQueue - Calling pthread_cond_init
InitQueue - pthread_cond_init returned
winInitMultiWindowWM - Hello
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - Hello
Screen 0 added at XINERAMA coordinate (0,0).
winInitMultiWindowWM - Calling pthread_mutex_lock ()
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - Calling pthread_mutex_lock ()
MIT-SHM extension disabled due to lack of kernel support
(II) AIGLX: Loaded and initialized /usr/lib/dri/
(II) GLX: Initialized DRISWRAST GL provider for screen 0
(--) 3 mouse buttons found
(--) Setting autorepeat to delay=500, rate=31
(--) winConfigKeyboard - Layout: "00000409" (00000409)
(--) Using preset keyboard for "English (USA)" (409), type "4"
winInitMultiWindowWM - pthread_mutex_lock () returned.
winProcEstablishConnection - Hello
winInitClipboard ()
winProcEstablishConnection - winInitClipboard returned.
winClipboardProc - Hello
DetectUnicodeSupport - Windows NT/2000/XP
winInitMultiWindowWM - pthread_mutex_unlock () returned.
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - pthread_mutex_lock () returned.
winClipboardProc - DISPLAY=
winInitMultiWindowWM - DISPLAY=
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - pthread_mutex_unlock () returned.
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - DISPLAY=
winClipboardProc - XOpenDisplay () returned and successfully opened the display.

winInitMultiWindowWM - XOpenDisplay () returned and successfully opened the disp
winMultiWindowXMsgProc - XOpenDisplay () returned and successfully opened the di
winDeinitMultiWindowWM - Noting shutdown in progress

user@host ~

I don't see an error here. X starting as admin and not as a user to me
says permissions in vista. I have the User Access Control turned off
and firewall exceptions for XWin and for port 6000/tcp. I've also tried
starting X with the firewall turned off without success.

Suggestions on what to try next?


MS Vista Business, 64 bit, 4GB ram
reinstalled cygwin this morning from an rsync this weekend

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