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Re: ls / does not show /c with cygdrive prefix=/

On Sep 28 11:04, Mikel Ward wrote:
> Hi All
> If I use a standard install with the cygdrive prefix as /cygdrive, the
> drive letters appear in a directory listing:
> $ ls /cygdrive
> c d w
> But if I change cygdrive to /, they don't:
> $ mount -c /
> $ ls /
> Cygwin.bat   bin        dev   home   opt    sbin   usr
> Cygwin.ico   cygdrive   etc   lib    proc   tmp    var
> [ends]
> But of course, they are there:
> $ ls /c
> $Recycle.Bin          PerfLogs
> [...]
> That's as Administrator.  Adding the -s flag to mount doesn't help,
> neither does a reboot.
> Is there any way to make /c, etc. appear in the listing?

Manually, yes, automatically, no.  You can change your cygdrive
folder to any other folder and the drives will show up there.
This has only been disabled for the root folder for performance


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