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Re: ls / does not show /c with cygdrive prefix=/

Mikel Ward wrote:
Hi All

If I use a standard install with the cygdrive prefix as /cygdrive, the
drive letters appear in a directory listing:

$ ls /cygdrive
c d w

But if I change cygdrive to /, they don't:

$ mount -c /
$ ls /
Cygwin.bat   bin        dev   home   opt    sbin   usr
Cygwin.ico   cygdrive   etc   lib    proc   tmp    var

But of course, they are there:

$ ls /c
$Recycle.Bin          PerfLogs

That's as Administrator.  Adding the -s flag to mount doesn't help,
neither does a reboot.

Is there any way to make /c, etc. appear in the listing?

I'm running on Windows Server 2008 64-bit with Cygwin DLL 1.5.25-19.

cygcheck on request.



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Hi Mike,

I found a solution, but it seems a bit hacky: create directories for the
drives you want to see in the root directory. I created a directory "e"
in my c:\cygwin directory: c:\cygwin\e using Windows Explorer and
restarted the Cygwin shell: now
$ls /e
works as before

I couldnt' do it from within Cygwin:
$ mkdir /e
mkdir: cannot create directory `/e': Permission denied

 I thought it might be because the filesystem was mounted, but:
$ mount
e: on /e type system (binmode,noumount)
...                           ********

doesn't look like like I can umount the driveletters while cygwin is
running, hence using Windows Explorer on the Cygwin install.

All in all I wonder if the lack of driveletters under / is a symptom of
using the wrong method of getting rid of the cygdrive prefix?

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