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mailing list responses [Re: Console codepage setting via chcp?]

[meta-response, irrelevant for topic discussion]

Corinna wrote:
> Any reason you redirected your reply to the cygwin list?  It doesn't
> make much sense to disuss this in two lists and it's breaking the
> threading on the cygwin-developers list for no apparent reason.
No, sorry, I had been cross-linked to the cygwin-developers archive 
from another mail on this list so I hadn't even noticed. And once you 
are on the web archive, you wouldn't easily touch the mail with your 
normal mailer to automatic construct a proper response, especially 
since I'm not subscribe to cygwin-developers, so I was pasting the 
wrong headers :(

Another note: Since I fail to receive the cygwin mailing list in my mailbox 
for some reason, I follow that on the web archive as well. I construct 
responses manually, using the available References headers; however, 
the web archive does not quote the Message-Id of the respective message 
itself, so the response will always be positioning one behind in the thread.
I'm sorry for this, too, but I think the web archive should be fixed to 
display also the Message-Id header of each message shown, please.

> Please resend your reply to the cygwin-developers list, into the
> right thread.
I'll post an updated response after I've studied the lots of messages 
that have been added meanwhile ... :)

Kind regards,

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