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bar and bar.exe under same folder and cygwin-svn version control (don't do that!)

This might turn out a big surprise for the unwary (and unwise, like me),
who put `bar' and `bar.exe' in the same folder, under svn version
control. `bar' is a Linux binary, `bar.exe' is for Winows.

Now, if you `rm bar' (for some reason), and modify `bar.exe', then do a
`svn ci', you will see both file got check in:

    $svn ci -m ''
    Sending        bar
    Sending        bar.exe
    Transmitting file data ..
here's how to reproduce it:

    mkdir /tmp/svn
    svnadmin create /tmp/svn/foo
    svn co file:///tmp/svn/foo
    cd foo
    touch bar bar.exe
    svn add bar bar.exe
    svn ci -m ''
    rm bar -f
    echo bar > bar.exe
    svn ci -m ''

And, in the working copy, you can't `svn revert bar' to get it
un-removed, it will do nothing, the reasoning could be like the

    svn asks cygwin: has `bar' changed?
    cygwin: (thinking to itself: `bar'? I see no *bar*, but a *bar.exe*, you must be talking
    about that one. Let me see...) *it* has not changed!
    svn: nothing to be done!

(cygcheck.out is not available, as I think it's not related:-)

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