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Re: [1.7] ping: socket: Operation not permitted

On 09/25/2009 09:10 AM, Gustavo Seabra wrote:

I have just installed a brand new cygwin installation. When I try to
ping anything from cygwin, I get the message above:

$ ping
ping: socket: Operation not permitted

If I try exactly the ssame from the command shell, it works:

The difference is quite likely that you're using different pings.

Would anyone know why ping isn't working for me in cygwin? I have not
found any mention of it in the documentation. The most recent message
I find in the archives is about 2 years old:

But it says cygwin's ping should only work from an admin account, and
I have always been able to ping from cygwin using a regular user
account without any problems, so I don't believe that the problem here
is the same.

Don't be so sure. But without knowing at least your O/S, it's hard to be very adamant about it. See below.

Any suggestions?

Yes. Read and follow the problem reporting guidelines given here:

Problem reports:

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