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git error cloning svn repository: bad index file sha1 signature


Using cygwin git version,  I am unable to clone?an existing
svn repository using "git svn".  The entire output is below.  How can
I fix this?

I am running the "git svn" command without actually launching a cygwin
shell like bash etc.  I can checkout other git repositories just fine,
its just git-svn that's having the problem.


F:\work\MyProjects>git svn clone
Initialized empty Git repository in /cygdrive/f/work/MyProjects/pwsafe-git/.git/
        A       StdAfx.h
        A       corelib/MyString.h
        A       corelib/sha1.h
        A       corelib/BlowFish.h
        A       corelib/Util.h
        A       corelib/ItemData.cpp
        A       corelib/MyString.cpp
        A       corelib/sha1.cpp
        A       corelib/BlowFish.cpp
        A       corelib/ItemData.h
        A       corelib/Util.cpp
        A       PasskeySetup.cpp
        A       PasskeyEntry.cpp
        A       sha1.h
        A       QuerySetDef.h
        A       PasswordSafe.h
        A       UsernameEntry.h
        A       variables.cpp
        A       ClearQuestionDlg.h
        A       TryAgainDlg.h
        A       ConfirmDeleteDlg.h
        A       EditDlg.cpp
        A       BlowFish.cpp
        A       Util.cpp
        A       QueryAddName.cpp
        A       MainDlg.h
        A       MyString.h
        A       PasskeyChangeDlg.h
        A       OptionsDlg.cpp
        A       AddDlg.h
        A       FileDialogExt.h
        A       SysColStatic.h
        A       StdAfx.cpp
        A       RemindSaveDlg.h
        A       sha1.cpp
        A       resource.h
        A       ItemData.h
        A       QuerySetDef.cpp
        A       UsernameEntry.cpp
        A       CryptKeyEntry.h
        A       PasswordSafe.cpp
        A       PasskeySetup.h
        A       ClearQuestionDlg.cpp
        A       TryAgainDlg.cpp
        A       PasskeyEntry.h
        A       ConfirmDeleteDlg.cpp
        A       MainDlg.cpp
        A       PasskeyChangeDlg.cpp
        A       MyString.cpp
        A       AddDlg.cpp
        A       FileDialogExt.cpp
        A       EditDlg.h
        A       BlowFish.h
        A       Util.h
        A       PasswordSafe.rc
        A       QueryAddName.h
        A       RemindSaveDlg.cpp
        A       SysColStatic.cpp
        A       notes.txt
        A       OptionsDlg.h
        A       ItemData.cpp
        A       CryptKeyEntry.cpp
        A       Makefile.win32
error: bad index file sha1 signature
fatal: index file corrupt
write-tree: command returned error: 128

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