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Re: [1.7] UTF-8, find vs. tar

On Sep 24 22:40, Yaakov S wrote:
> I'm having some difficulty with a package containing a file with a UTF-8  
> character:
> wget
> tar jxf klavaro-1.3.1.tar.bz2
> cd klavaro-1.3.1
> tar jcf TEST.tar.bz2 data/dvorak_fr*
> tar jtf TEST.tar.bz2 > tmptar.out
> find data/ -name 'dvorak_fr*' > tmpfind.out
> diff -u tmpfind.out tmptar.out
> The character in question is 'é' (aka U+00E9, small e with acute)[1].  
> The difference in rendering is throwing cygport off at the "checking  
> packages for missing/duplicate files" stage.
> What to I need to do to get these to match?

Nothing but wait.  The reason that tar doesn't print the characters
while find does is probably related to find callng setlocale and
tar doesn't.  I hope to get this fixed in the next couple of days.
We're discussing the entire locale stuff on the cygwin-developers
list right now, see the threads starting at

My current locally patched DLL doesn't have that problem anymore,
so we're hopefully on the right way.


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