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Re: Re: Cygwin portable bash

I'm in a similar situation with about 10 different machines, some of which come and go very quickly. I rarely use more than one computer at a time, as most of them are in remote installations and not accessible physically. In order to save time installing cygwin and other software, my goal was to use dropbox (and where dropbox won't work I use unison between a few servers to extend the reach) to keep all the files (home dir and binaries etc) synchronized.

The folder sizes and number of files are the same, laptop has 924,298,616 bytes and 47,538 files in 2,821 folders. desktop machine has 924,928,616 bytes and 47,538 files in 2,821 folders. Exact same.

I wonder if it has something to do with /etc/passwd? The passwd file mentions user Andy and has "Andy-Laptop" in the name. See the file attached. When I run cygwin on the other machine it starts bash, but seemingly I don't have any permissions or am not an actual user. So I can't run adduser, su, ls, any commands. Nothing works. Is there a way to specify who to 'login' as to bash?

Morten Kjærulff wrote:

If you have a cygwin application running on machine A and update the
installation on machine B, you might run into problems when dropbox
tries to copy the files to machine A. I did almost the same with
Windows Live Mesh. Now I am only synchronizing my home directory.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 2:21 PM, J. David Boyd
<> wrote:
Andy Holt <> writes:

Hey everyone,

I installed cygwin on my laptop (domain andy-laptop), and it works
great from here. I installed in a special folder ("My Dropbox") which
uses the free dropbox service online to synchronize the folder accross
multiple machines (my other machine is andy-desktop). On the desktop
machine (also username Andy), I can run cmd and CD to the cygwin
directory, I can go into the /bin directory and run most of the
programs just fine for some simple stuff, but it won't load bash

When I installed cygwin on the laptop, I chose to install only for the
single user (not the whole machine) and tried to make it avoid any
registry tampering.

So basically I think I need to figure out how to run bash as the andy
from andy-laptop on andy-desktop... Or something? I can't figure this
out and most of the stuff I've read online isn't helping and has to do
with bash scripting instead of running bash as a user on a different
domain or something. I'm just kind of confused where to go.

I appreciate any help you can offer, thanks a bunch,
Have you checked the simple things first?  Did all the cygwin files get
copied over?  Check file sizes on the directories, and see if you really
have everything.

You might try installing cygwin onto your laptop and desktop first, then
synchronizing them, or maybe only synchronizing your home directory, and
manually keeping the rest updated.

My 2 cents...

I have cygwin running on, oh, about 6 machines, and all I really keep
synchronized is my home directory.  That way I can run emacs gnus
anywhere, or check emacs erc, or whatever, and be happy.


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