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Re: sftp on a Windows 2003 server

On 09/23/2009 05:44 PM, Dave M wrote:
OK, I checked my web mail and I don't see that option.

Yeah, that's a common oversight for web email clients...

I am not sure
which e-mail addresses are a problem. One looks like an invalid address
(yours) and the other is the list address.

In general, any headers from the previous email don't need to be included and are generally discouraged. That eliminates allot. Some email clients, like Thunderbird, which I use, adds an intro (see above) with a reference to your previous posting. Some of them will add email addresses here too. That's usually the one that slips through the most. As a note, removing the address (i.e. is all that's required. The name or id is fine to leave.

You're correct that my email address is not pointing to me.  It's there to
prod anyone replying to reply to the list.  So, fortunately, I won't be seeing
more spam as a result.  The list's address is valid, as you know, though.
So it's good manners to remove this as well as any individual's.

Either way, I'll delete them
manually from now on. It wasn't my intention to make anyone's life
harder. I am new to this list, so I am not sure what I should or
shouldn't be doing. I really am sorry, I originally thought that maybe
there was an e-mail address in your sig. I double-checked THAt before

Actually, we draw the line there. If there's an email address in the sig, then we assume that the poster doesn't care that the address may be harvested. In that case, it's also not too important to pull the same address out of other spots in the reply. ;-)

I feel like an idiot. I always thought I wasn't, but here I am...

It happens. Don't worry about it. If it makes you feel better, you're not the first one to not recognize this.

I have completely removed cygwin again and rebooted this server. I
am just about to re-install, any suggestions on packages that I need
besides openssh?

If 'openssh' is what you want, that's all you need to install (plus whatever installs by default).

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