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Re: [1.7] Invalid UTF8 while creating a file -> cannot delete?

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

However, if we default to UTF-8 for a subset of languages anyway, it gets even more interesting to ask, why not for all languages? Isn't it better in the long run to have the same default for all Cygwin installations?

I'm really wondering if we shouldn't simply default to UTF-8 as charset
throughout, in the application, the console, and for the filename
conversion.  Yes, not all applications will work OOTB with chars > 0x7f,
but it was always a bug to make any assumptions for non-ASCII chars
in the C locale.  Applications can be fixed, right?

In support of this plan, it occurs to me that any command line applications that don't speak UTF-8 would presumably be showing the same behaviour on Linux (e.g. odd column widths). Since one of Cygwin's main goals is providing a Linux-like environment on Windows, I don't think Cygwin developers should feel obliged to go out of their way to do _better_ than Linux in this regard.

-- Ross Smith

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