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Re: Using bash(cygwin) inside C# program

amir knippel wrote:

> i created a process that runs bash and redirect stdin,stout and std error
> but I can’t get tty to work attached is a sample code that starts bash
> process and redirect the input/output.
> the problem is that i don't have tty device. if i try to run tty command or
> stty command i receive error response 
> tty - not a tty 
> stty - Inappropriate ioctl for device

> i need to run cygwin and disable echo with stty -echo but to do this i need
> a tty device. how can i create a cygwin bash shell with tty device and
> redirect the stdin, out and error ?

  Why exactly do you think you need to run stty and set the tty operating
parameters, when the bash process is quite plainly *not* connected to a tty,
it is connected to your C# application?

  It's your application that is in charge of I/O - if it doesn't want echo,
all it has to do is discard the stuff it reads from the process' stdout
instead of displaying it, in your OutDataReceived/ErrorDataReceived handlers.

>             bashProcess.StartInfo.EnvironmentVariables["CYGWIN"] = "tty";

  Don't do this.  Win32 native processes don't understand Cygwin's tty
emulation, which is based on pipes.


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